• ESPERANCE AUTUMN: Stunning & calm autumn days are perfect for exploring National Parks & walk trails

Esperance offers a dynamic variety of unforgettable experiences for everyone. From the young – to the young at heart.

Visit the world famous (and incredibly pink) Lake Hillier, set on Middle Island – part of Esperance’s magnificent Recherche Archipelago. Tours & private charters are available to Middle Island which is located 70 nautical miles from Esperance and is surrounded by stunningly clear turquoise waters. Upon arrival at the island, passengers make their way along the walkway to Lake Hillier and also have the opportunity to view early settler’s ruins and Australia’s only recorded pirate Black Jack Anderson’s camp ground. Esperance Island Cruises have extensive experience with Middle Island and work closely with the Department of Parks and Wildlife to preserve and respect the island’s history.
For tour / charter information & departure dates visit Esperance Island Cruise’s website. Alternatively, scenic flights over Lake Hillier can be arranged with Esperance Air Service by phoning 0428 912 210.

The Southern Right Whale migrates along the Esperance coast from June to October and can be seen frolicking in the water, or sheltering with their young in one of our many protected bays. Visit one of the many spectacular vantage points to witness their size & display: Israelite Bay (4WD only), Cape Arid / Thomas River, Cape Le Grand beaches, the Esperance town bay, or one of the many lookouts on the Great Ocean Drive. Esperance Island Cruises also offer an ocean journey through the Recherche Archipelago where the Southern Rights can be spotted from the deck (seasonally dependant).

An abundance of fishing locations to choose from in and around Esperance, all with their own magnificent views from exceptionally breathtaking coastline…
Download your very own PDF copy of our Beach Fishing Guide here or view below.

Fishing in Esperance is not just limited to the beach – offshore fishing provides boat anglers with a superior selection of deep sea fish species; Nannygai (Pink Snapper), Swallowtail, Queen Snapper (Blue Morwong), Samson fish, Break Sea Cod, Harlequin Fish, Groper, Tuna, Sargeant Baker, Snook, Herring, Whiting, Skippy, Sweep & Wrasse are all commonly caught. Boat fishing licence is required. The waters can generally be at their calmest in
the autumn months and March sees Esperance host the annual Deep Sea Angling Classic, with a total prize pool of over $20,000.

There are bountiful amounts of Black Bream in the fresh water lakes in and around the Esperance region. Lake Windabout has a plentiful supply, as does the creek section of Bandy Creek, or for somewhere a little further out of town – try Stokes Inlet.

Fishing from one of Esperance’s many rolling headlands can offer a range of species including Sweep, Rock Cod, Wrasse, Queen Snapper, Pink Snapper, Leatherjacket and Groper. Rock fishing can be very dangerous. Ensure you wear a life jacket and always use the mooring hooks installed at popular rock fishing locations.

Boat launching facilties & ramps are located at Bandy Creek Boat Harbour and on the Esplanade in town (next to the Scout Hall & Yacht Club). Boats can also be launched with care from Lucky Bay Beach, Duke of Orleans Beach and Stokes Inlet. For specific local advice on the best locations, rigs, bait and fishing insight, speak to one of our friendly local tackle shop.

Both the Common and Bottlenose Dolphins can be seen playing off the Esperance coast. Graceful & lively, these mammals can often be spotted from the shore, share the bay with swimmers, ride a wave with fellow surfers, or cruise the water with boats & vessels.
Australian Sea Lions are found on many small rocky outcrops throughout the Recherche Archipelago. The bull (male) sea lions represent only approx 10% of the population and stand proud with a distinctive lion’s mane marking running down their back.
The New Zealand Fur Seal can also be spotted off the coast and enjoy putting on a display of impressive diving and synchronized swimming.
Esperance’s surrounding heathlands are inhabited by thousands of Western Grey Kangaroos. The Cape Le Grand National Park is home to an iconic colony of beach-dwelling Western Greys that are renowned for sunbaking on the white sand, or mingling with visitors.

The many islands of Esperance’s Recherche Archipelago are bound by crystal clear turquoise water and provide large caves, boulders and swim-throughs for divers to explore. There are many breathtaking shore dive sites to choose from, as well as wreck diving at the Sanko Harvest (174m Japanese bulk carrier & second largest wreck dive in the world) and the Lapwing (32ft wooden hulled fishing vessel). Esperance is rated as one of the ten best dive locations in Australia and is one of the few locations in the world that is home to the Leafy Sea Dragon.

A full-size replica of the original Stonehenge (UK), Esperance’s Stonehenge appears as the original would have looked around 1950BC. Built from 137 stones of Esperance Pink Granite which were all quarried locally – less than 1km from the stonehenge’s final resting place. Located 18km from town on Merivale Road, and on the way to the Cape Le Grand National Park, this homage to the original Stonehenge towers almost eight metres into the sky! The Stonehenge was built to align with both the Summer & Winter Solstices here in Esperance. Both are an amazing sight to witness.

Mandatory image credits:
West Beach Adventurer, Will Creed Photography // Esperance Foreshore in lights, Jaimen Hudson Photography // Lake Hillier, Ockert le Roux // Whale Watching, Jaimen Hudson Photography // Dolphin pack, Jaimen Hudson Photography //  Fishing at Warton Beach, Tourism WA // Esperance Stonehenge, Tourism WA